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Ship by air mail (2-3weeks)


Rear wheel disc brake conversion kit includes:(USD43.8) +air mail(USD36)

1x 28/36 spokes rear wheel hub

1x Disc brake plate

1x Callipers

Front wheel disc brake conversion kit includes:(USD43.8) +air mail(USD35)

1x 28/36 spokes front wheel hub

1x Disc brake plate

1x Callipers

Complete disc brake conversion kit includes:(USD83)+air mail(USD37)

1x 28/36 spokes rear wheel hub

1x 28/36 spokes front wheel hub

2x Disc brake plate

2x Callipers

1x Freewheel tool

1x Spoke tool

The callipers has been re-designed so that it can fit in normal bike frame.

If your bike is a disc brake frame like the picture shown below,we have another type of calliper.

You may need the following tools.

Hex wrench


Freewheel tool

Spoke tool

How to install this kit:

(Installation takes~1-2hour.)

1. Take out the wheel and remove the freewheel (if any).You may need a bike freewheel tool.

2.Take note of the original spoke patterns and note any overlaps

3.Remove the spoke. There are spokes on each side of the wheel but you should respoke one side at a time for optimal interlacing. Carefully unscrew the spoke at the rim end and remove the spoke from the flange in the center.You may need a spoke tools to remove the spoke.

4.Use the wheel hub we provided to respoke the wheel.

5. Screw the spokes in place but do not tighten yet.

6. After putting back all spokes,make sure to tighten the connections at the flange and the rim for each spoke. Use the spoke wrench to secure the spokes. Do not over-tighten as this can cause too much tension. The spokes work together, so if one is too tight it can cause problems for the others.

7.Put back the freewheel and screw on the disc plate on the other side.

8.Put the calliper between the bike frame and the hub as shown in the photo.

10.Tighten the bolt.

9.Put on the U ring.

11.Fine tune the position by these two bolts.

DIY disc brake is an enjoyable experience. Make sure you get the suitable tools before the conversion.