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Photo Gallery

Complete Conversions Complete Conversions 145553124 145553123 145553122 145553125 145555173 145555174 145555175 145555176 Inside of Battery Box. This is how I currently have my ebike wired. The SLA batteries share the same box as the speed controller. Not pretty, but it works. :D 145632237 Close up of the motor side. Close up of the motor mount of the ebike. 145632238 My first ebike. Overall view of my first ebike conversion. It uses the side mounted kit and runs about 20-22MPH top speeds. It was mounted on a 700c size rim road bike with front suspension. It currently uses SLA batteries and used a tool box as the battery box. (so it's a bit larger then it actually needs to be). Once I get better batteries, I will use a smaller enclosure for it. Not the best looking ebike out there, but it works! :D 145632239 My first bike 350w/24v hub motor conversion 150329519 photos from buyer 450W mid-drive motor kit 150521570 450W mid-drive motor kit 150521571 Custom e-bike from our Italian buyer 153116191 Custom e-bike from our Italian buyer 153116192 Second "Yellow Girl" 250w/24v side motor 153512177 Vitage 450w/48v + 20ah lifepo4 battery 157557035 Very usfull 36v 350 w hub 157557036 Shangri-la LX 24v 350w 157557037 350W hub motor kit 160466768 160466769 450W brushed side mount 161636197 450W brushed side mount 161636198 179140246